Sleep Care App

SLEEP CARE is a sleep-to-earn protocol that combines Gamefi and Socialfi elements. SLEEP CARE encourages people to have a better bedtime routine and generate passive income at the same time.
SLEEP CARE ecosystem constitues NFTs, an App composed of a sensorial Sleep Tracker and a Sleep Tracker.
SLEEP CARE - they way to make money while you sleep!
Before download and earn $SLEEP, users must:
  • Turn on GPS location, body sensors, and physical activity enabled from Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Use Metamask or TrustWallet (Connect to BNB Chain) to receive rewards.
  • Own at least 500 $SLEEP to join in sleep-to-earn application.

Ranking System is intended to encourage the development of good sleeping habits among users and thus rewards top achievers on the Leaderboard.
This is a function that the developer uses to ensure that users check in and get as much sleep as possible. Your ranking may rise or decline depending on how consistent you are. If the system detects a terrible sleep habit, the account's rank will automatically fall over time.
In Sleep Care rating system, there are three levels of users, the higher level you are, the more features you can unlock.