What is Sleep Care?

Sleep Care is the next blockchain-based Sleep-to-earn application on BSC that aims to improve the global community's sleep quality and help them earn money at the same time. Inspired by the famous norm "Sleep Care" (which means "Good Night!"), $SLEEP application accesses various sensors of your phones and calculate your sleeping wellness as well as time spent on your sleep.
With the dual goal of pioneering sleep technology R&D and providing a real-world value in Sleep Care ecosystem, Sleep Care presents the world's first Sleep-To-Earn mechanism to reward the global community for sleeping and earning $SLEEP tokens. For the world out there who are lack of sleep to earn money, now you can sleep tight to earn passive income and improve your health.


Enable the world to sleep better and improve not only their wellness but also their wealth.


To create the world's top blockchain-based sleep wellness ecosystem that is community-driven, actionable, and profitable for all.